Jen Unick:


The President is responsible for managing the Club within the stated by-laws and the operating philosophies of the Club and its affiliations. The President shall preside over all Club meetings and oversee the orderly handling of Club business. The President is responsible for ensuring that the decisions of the Board of Directors are executed. The President is responsible to act as a representative of the Club in all dealings with the township and affiliations. The President, along with the Board of Directors shall review the Club’s financial records on a monthly basis to validate the financial reports prepared by the Treasurer. The President is responsible for supervising the creation of all Club budgets and philosophies. The President is responsible to supervise and maintain the unification of the Club and oversee all sub-committees established by the Board of Directors.

Vice President

Meredith Rettaliata:


The Vice President oversees the operating philosophies of the Club and its affiliations are being properly executed. The Vice President is responsible for submitting budgetary and operational needs for the program to the Treasurer and Secretary, as well as reporting to the remaining directors the status of the program from an operational and instructional standpoint. The Vice President supervises the coaching personnel that are appointed to instruct the program participants. The Vice President is responsible to schedule practices, scrimmages, and games for the boys, girls and Little Laxer programs. The Vice President is the primary contact for the respective leagues. The Vice President must attend or delegate a member to attend league meetings to ensure the Club remains in good standing and well informed. The Vice President is also responsible to schedule and confirm practice and game times, dates and locations with the townships or schools (in order to provide adequate field usage for all teams), as well as confirmation of referees for scheduled regular season home games. The Vice President is responsible to forward copies of any and all correspondence to the Secretary for filing and reference. The Vice President is responsible to fulfill the duties of the President, in the event the President is unable to perform his or her duties. The President is responsible to fulfill the duties of the Vice President, in the event the Vice President is unable to perform his or her duties.


Teresa Wenner:


The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial viability of the Club. This includes the management of all revenue and expense related items related to the Club and managing to the approved fiscal budget. The Treasurer is responsible for developing the Club’s operating budget, and to present this budget to the Board of Directors by the November general meeting. The Treasurer is also responsible for timely booking and disbursement of Club funds and executing the approved financial accounting procedures, which will include revenues, expenses, assets, and liabilities, as well as identifying Club revenue streams. The Treasurer administers all insurance, affiliations, and term contracts for which the Club is liable. The Treasurer is responsible for the administration and filing of all Club financial documents that the Club is required to register with the County, State, and Federal Government. The Treasurer is responsible to report the financial state of the Club on a monthly basis to the President and Quarterly to the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall institute any budget related sub-committee activities as required and the Treasurer shall maintain all Club records for a period of no less than seven (7) years.


Kristen Dolan:


The Secretary shall record and distribute the minutes of all meetings. The Secretary shall disseminate in a timely manner all committee and Board decisions and/or information pertinent to future committee and Board actions (i.e. special meetings, pending votes, etc.) to all committee and Board members, as well as the general membership if warranted. The Secretary

shall be responsible to retain all files and Club records for a minimum of seven (7) years. The Secretary shall also be responsible to maintain the mailing address at the Blairstown Post Office, or any other location decided upon by the Board of Directors. The Secretary is responsible for collecting and distributing Club mail and correspondence to the appropriate parties. The Secretary is the contact for the Club regarding all incoming and outgoing correspondence. The Secretary may also assist in the administration of the voting process in all elections. The Secretary is also responsible for the maintenance of the Club webpage, FaceBook page and any other similar means of communicating with the membership.

Field Maintenance

Joe LoManto:


The Field Maintenance Director is responsible for coordinating the maintenance and lining of all practice and game fields utilized by the Club. He or she shall create a seasonal budget for expenditures which may include, but not be limited to, costs associated with supplies and services to prepare fields for safe play that meet the standards outlined by US Lacrosse or the

associated lacrosse leagues that the Club teams participate in; and submit those to the Vice President for inclusion in the budget. Organize parent volunteers to line fields as needed. The Field Maintenance Director shall order necessary field supplies and submit invoices to NWJLC treasurer for payment when required. The Field Maintenance Director will also work with other Board of Director members and coaches to enlist the help of parent volunteers to maintain and line all practice and game fields.

Fundraising & Apparel


The Fundraising/Apparel Director is responsible for organizing fundraising events and coordinating the selection & purchase of apparel and uniforms. The Fundraising/Apparel Director shall evaluate, organize and coordinate a variety of fundraisers to support the club during the season and organizes the picture day(s) event.


Jay Smith:


The Equipment Director is responsible for the purchase, maintenance, organization and update of equipment including goals, nets and team equipment/supplies. The Equipment Director organizes the re- certification of lacrosse helmets in September of each year. The Equipment Director tracks, distributes and collects all club distributed equipment and uniforms.


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